Welcome to firmgrip.co.uk and thank you for stopping by. This site is dedicated to those who run and to those who are thinking about running. It's true to say that to those who don't run, running seems to be the most difficult and laborious of tasks. For those that do run, you will share my passion and enthusiasm for hitting the tarmac.

So what makes this site different to the mainstream of running sites available. Well firstly, I am not a professional runner. Sure I have run races and in my younger days I was a sure thing on the 4x100m relay.

This site is for the real people of this world, because after all I am a real person. I'm a sales person by day, runner by night and Blogger... when I feel like it. I'd like to encourage those who don't think they can run and connect with those who "run a bit" and learn from those who run a lot. The main stream websites can deal with the technical nitty-gritty, we can just enjoy our selves.

The site will be taking shape over the next few weeks, so please keep stopping by.


London Marathon

As you may already know, I will be realising a long term dream, running this years Virgin London Marathon. I've ditched the Snickers bar in favour of a Marathon... pun intended. Please feel free to follow my progress on the blog or search social media for #snickerstomarathon